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Old Catton’s Twin Town - Lavaré

A traffic accident at Castelnaudary, near Carcassonne in south west France in 1987 brought together residents of Old Catton and Lavaré which developed into our two villages becoming twinned.

Lavaré is situated about 20 miles east of Le Mans in the Sarthe district. It is on the D302 and the nearest towns are Connerre, Vibraye and le Ferte Bernard. The motorway (E50) from Le Mans, Chartres to Paris passes 5 miles to the north.

The population in this agricultural region is nearly 1,000 people. The workforce is employed mainly in the local area although some commute to Le Mans.

The community facilities in Lavaré include the Mairie (Town Hall), a primary school, a community centre, a shop, a hairdresser, two bars and a restaurant. It has a large leisure area with a lake, sports facilities with camping sites and chalets to rent. There is a horse track and a motocross circuit nearby.

You will find much more information about Lavaré and the Twinning Association by visiting their website.  Please click here.