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Biker Cam

BIKER CAM : Motorbike trips around the various streets of Old Catton.

Graham Charlesworth from oldcatton.com interviewed on Ross Patzelt’s Future FM radio on 13th November 2004.

Our thanks go to Ross for giving us permission to reproduce the broadcast here.


Old Catton featured in BBC Radio Norfolk’s Treasure Quest on 14th September 2008. Click here for photos.

Our thanks go to the BBC for allowing us to reproduce this broadcast which remains subject to BBC Copyright.


This pre-war footage is of Broadlands Turkey Farm in Old Catton. It was owned by the Musselwhite family. The farm was taken over by the USAAF during WWII so that the Nissen huts could be used for accommodation. After the war the land was sold and Players Way is now on the site that was the turkey farm.

Many thanks to the Old Catton Society for their help with this information.

Two RAF Chinooks visit Old Catton Church Street Junior School.

RAF Chinook at Churct Street School

The really cool Old Catton Junior School Year 6 leavers video.